Wednesday, 11 April 2012

It begins!

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know that I have begun my new project a story blog called "The Dublin horror" .

To follow it, head on over to and take a look.

Its just beginning at the moment but please take a chance to have a look :)

See you later Space Cowboys.

Friday, 9 March 2012

New piece of prose: Determination

Hey guys, just posting a little piece I have done recently. A friend of mine has began writing recently and in an effort to improve her writing, began entering mini competitions.

Although I am not entering into a competition, I thought I would do a piece according to one of the competitions guidelines . My piece is roughly 200 words, let me know what you think.

Picking himself up, Morrison shook his head and glanced around, his ears still ringing from the shock of the explosion. Looking to the smoking remains of the bridge, he noticed that the two sitting figures were his security detail. He also noticed they were dead.

Turning from the bridge, he made his way down towards the riverbank and spotted his quarry. It was Banks, and he was still running.

Sprinting now, Morrison keyed his radio, "Hooper, you reading me? " screamed Morrison as artillery began to continuously smash the city.
"Loud and clear Chief, the shit is hitting the glass," replied Hooper. 

"You're telling me, what the hell happened, I said stall the bastards?!"
"I tried chief, but they want Banks dead BAD, even if they take a whole city with him."

"I noticed... Listen this is going to be tight, I need an extraction in 5 minutes, no excuses."

"Roger Chief," replied Hooper.

As he reached the bottom of the slope, Morrision drew his gun. Banks would not escape this time

What did you think?, I am a big fan of Sci-Fi and fantasy and  began this as the first part of a small story. I was trying to go for a urgent action sequence and I hopefully managed to portray it.

For more information on the competition in-question, go here:

See you later space cowboys!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Upcoming project

Hey all,

In an effort to get writing more often, I have decided to plan and begin a little writing project that I have been thinking about.

I won't be giving too many details away yet, but as soon as I can I will let you all know.

See you Space Cowboys.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Quick piece I call: The Aftermath

 Shadows crept across the wall as the flames grew higher. The warrior stood amongst the burning buildings, panting and heaving from exertion, sucking in large breaths of air with his head held back.  His clothes a tattered mess of blood and grime, he held two large axes loosely in each hand and stared into the night sky.

As the orange flames grew higher, the rubble of a burning building moved and a bloodied figure crawled from it. Snapping his head forward, the man spied the crawling figure and began to chuckle. Hefting his axes, he sprang forwards, his chuckles becoming a manic whooping laugh.

Struggling from the burning building, the bloodied man heard the manic whooping and spied the warrior bounding forward, his axes raised. Desperately he began to fumble in his tunic pockets, as he forced his damaged body forward and away from the advancing warrior.

The maniac with the axes was only two yards away, screaming with glee, when the injured man located his musket and in one fluid movement shot the advancing warrior through the eye. 

His foe dead, the man began to crawl again, vowing to himself he would retire soon.

What do you think? I penned this little piece last week for a writing competition. I may have been too late for the contest but I thought others might like it.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Welcome to the world of.......writing?


As you are no doubt aware, my name is Jim. Asides from telling you my name, I will take this chance to ask potential blog followers to enjoy my thoughts on reading, writing and some of my other (awesome) hobbies.

So without further ado...... lets write some stuff!